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Mantra MIS 100 V2 Single IRIS Sensor Biometric IRIS Scanner

  • UIDAI Approved
  • STQC Certified
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Aadhaar Device STQC Certified


Mantra MIS 100 V2 Single IRIS Sensor Biometric IRIS Scanner. For CSC UCL aadhaar/Bank BC/ekyc


This Mantra MIS100V2 Single Iris Device use for CSC Center, Aeps, Bank BC, Aadhaar UCl Center, KYC, Spice money, Airtel Payment bank, Instantpay, Spice money, Ayushmaan Card, Jeevan Pramaan, Digipay, elabharthi and all type eye aadhaar authertication.

This device come with MIS100V2 Single IRIS scanner device, USB, Front holder, Cleaning cloth, OTG, Manual book

Aadhaar Device STQC Certified

best Mantra single iris device for aadhaar/UCL/Bank/Ayushman card/ekyc

Best iris device

Introducing the Amazing Mantra MIS100V2 IRIS Scanner!

What is the Mantra MIS100V2 IRIS Scanner?

The Mantra MIS100V2 IRIS Scanner is a super cool device that can be used for lots of important things like verifying your identity, accessing your bank accounts, and controlling who can enter certain places. It’s like having a high-tech superhero gadget in your hands!

How Does It Work?

The MIS100V2 IRIS Scanner uses a special algorithm to quickly and accurately identify your IRIS, which is the colored part of your eye. It can even detect if the image of your IRIS is not very clear and help adjust it using its built-in LED lights. This means you don’t have to worry about taking a perfect picture of your eye!

What Makes It Special?

This awesome scanner has a special sensor that has been certified by STQC, which means it meets high quality standards. The sensor uses a CMOS technology to capture really detailed images of your IRIS. These images are then compressed using a fancy technology called JPEG2000, so they don’t take up too much space.

What Can It Do?

The MIS100V2 IRIS Scanner has a superpower called distance sensing and focus analysis. This means it can quickly and automatically capture a clear image of your IRIS without you having to do anything! It’s like magic!