About UGR86
UGR86 ia a USB GPS Receiver, which can be connected to USB supportive systems. Here are the features of UGR86:-

  1. UGR86 Driver download
  2. Install driver
  3. Port configure setup
  4. Connection with any normal USB (male to male) from Aadhaar machine system/PC
  5. GPS navigate
  6. Click open port left side in gps system
  7. Raw data Up and down
  8. Signal strength in colume (colume should be in 4 Green, first colume in brown then blue ther green)
  9. Lattitute and longitute will be in numberic in Navigation data
  10. after longitute lattitute in number click on close port left side
  11. go in aadhaar machine gps details brauderate 9600 save
  12. click start gps and see left side below GPS simbole for some time gps active then click save gps. right side click process > synchronize > OTP process follow then start work

Download UGR86 Driver/Software Click

See here step and follow:

Watch Below for more details: