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  • Aadhaar GPS
  • UIDAI Approved
  • STQC Certified
  • for Aadhaar Center
  • for CSC UCL center


Aadhaar USB GPS receiver GlobalSat BU-353N Black

This GPS device use for Aadhaar enrollment center and CSC UCL update center. GPS device can use client software gps map before synch. Best quality device and easy to use.

BU-353N features a USB interface, high GPS sensitivity, and low power consumption.
The BU-353N is powered by High sensitivity GPS solution. The BU-353N can provide you with superior sensitivity and performance even in urban canyon and dense foliage environment. The BU-353N supports 75 channel all-in-view tracking. BU-353N acquires and tracks satellites in the shortest time.


  • UIDAI Approved
  • STQC Certified
  • for Aadhaar center
  • for CSC UCL


  • High sensitivity solution
  • Very high sensitivity chipset (Tracking Sensitivity: -165 dBm)
  • Extremely fast TTFF (Time To First Fix) at low signal level
  • Support NMEA 0183 data protocol
  • Built-in Backup power to reserve system data for rapid satellite acquisition
  • Built-in patch antenna
  • Super-cohesive magnetic for mounting on the car
  • Water resistant and non-slip on the bottom
  • USB interface connection port
  • LED indicator for GPS fix or not fix
    • LED OFF: Receiver switch off
    • LED ON: No fixed, Signal searching
    • LED Flashing: Position Fixed