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Passport Application Process

SureEase aims to provide all services related to passport like issue of fresh Passport, Reissue of Passport, Changes/correction in Passport and various miscellaneous services. A Passport is a travel document usually issued by a country’s government to its citizens that certifies the identity and nationality of its holder primarily for the purpose of international travel. The information stored in standard Passports includes holder’s name, place, date of birth, photograph, signature and other relevant identifying information.

What is Passport

Indian Passport is a crucial document which is used when anyone travels abroad for any reason either it be education, family visits, business reasons, pilgrimage, tourism and medical attendance. Basically it’s a document issued by ministry of external affairs, Government of India to travel abroad.

Types of Passport issued in India

  1. Blue Passport- Regular and Tatkal
    Blue passports are issued to general population. Generally navy blue colour is issued for ordinary travel such as business trips or vacations. Regular Passports carry name, date of birth and photograph of holder. Additionally, it includes various identification proofs for immigration checks.
  2. White Passport-official
    White Passports are issued to people representing Indian Government in Official Business. The Application Process is even different from regular Blue Passport. And White passport Holders even get some special Powers in addition to existing rules and regulations.
  3. Maroon passport-Diplomats
    A Diplomatic passport is issued to Indian Diplomats, top ranking government Officials and diplomatic couriers. These Passports are issued to officials like IPS, IAS. Applications for these kind of Passports are given a distinctive treatment and even Immigration is easier for these type of Passport Holders. Even it is not easy to take any legal action against these Passport Holders.

Passport Appointment

  1. How to book Appointment for Passport Seva Kendra
    One can easily book Appointment for PSK. One just have to login to website, Click on apply for fresh/ reissue of Passport link. Fill in the required details in the form and submit. Click the “Pay and Scheduled Appointment” link on “View Saved/ Submitted Applications” screen to schedule an appointment.
  2. How to know Passport Appointment Availability Status
    One can click on the ‘View Saved/ submitted Applications’ tab and choose the ‘schedule Appointment’ option. Choose the applicable option from the two provided- Reschedule Appointment’ if you wish to change the date/time or ‘Cancel Appointment.

Passport Fee Structure

  1. Regular Passport application Fee
    1. Fee for Fresh passport (36 Pages) of 10 years Validity is Rs 1500.
    2. Fee for Fresh Passport (60 Pages) of 10 years Validity is Rs 2000.
    3. Fee for Fresh passport for Minors (below 15 years of age) is Rs 1000.
  2. Tatkaal Passport Application Fee
    Those Applicants who apply for Tatkaal Service need to pay only the fee under the normal service while making online Payment. The balance fee under Tatkaal is to be paid in cash at Passport seva Kendra(PSK) / Passport Office, once application gets accepted by officials. Online Payment will remain valid for one year from first date of appointment.

Documents Required for Passport Application

  1. Documents Required for Fresh Passport
    1. Address Proof- It may include Aadhaar Card, Electricity Bill, Proof of Gas Connection, Telephone Bill, Water Bill, Rent Agreement, Passbook of Running Bank Account, Spouse’s Passport Copy.
    2. Date of Birth Proof- It may include Birth Certificate, Transfer/matriculation/School Leaving Certificate, Pan Card, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, voter ID card and Life Insurance Policy in candidate’s name. All documents submitted as birth proof should have Candidate’s name and his/her date of birth mentioned.
  2. Documents Required for Reissue of passport
    1. Original Old Passport
    2. Self-attested Copies of first two and last two pages of Passport.
    3. Self attested copy of ECR/non-ECR page.
    4. Self attested copy of page of observation, if any, made by Passport Issuing authority.
    5. Self attested copy of validity extension page, if any, with respect to Short Validity Passport (SVP).
    6. Proof of Documents which eliminate the cause of issuance of Short Validity Passport (SVP).
  3. Documents required for changes/ correction in Passport.
    1. Name / Surname change by Women in lieu of Marriage
    2. Name Change / deletion of spouse name for divorced / separated Women.
    3. Name Change / Spouse name for remarried applicants.
    4. Addition of Spouse Name.
    5. Spelling / any other minor changes in name.
    6. Major Changes in name.
    7. Name change of Government/public Sector/Statutory Body employees.
    8. Change in Sex.
    9. Change in appearance.
    10. Change / correction of date of birth.
    11. Change / correction of place of birth.
    12. Change in current address.
    13. Change in Signature.
    14. Change of Father / Mother Name.
    15. ECR deletion.

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